Partying in the Camping Area


The festival has four warm up days and four music days. We stayed there for the last three warm up days and only one music day. That meant that we got to experience a countless number of parties at camps of the 30,000 campers who stay there for the full 8 days of the festival.

It is very usual for people to make a huge deal out of their camps easily investing $5,000 on home-made speakers to blast the neighbors and whomever randomly stops by their camp for a good party.

In one of the pictures you can see Natalie partying in one of these camps. On her hand is “Grethe”, the beer bong made by me and some friends named after a 75 year old woman who was one of the first people to use the beer bong.

The other picture shows a very usual view during the festival – the sun rising in the morning while you still are far from done partying!


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