Home from festival & time for Interrail


When Natalie and I arrived from Roskilde festival at home surprisingly my mom was at my home to welcome us! She had been talking long about how much she wanted to meet Natalie so it finally happened.
Everything was a little overwhelming because we knew we had five hours before we needed to be in the train to Amsterdam. In these hours we needed to unpack all the festival stuff, put the wet tent and sleeping bag to dry in the garden, wash all our clothes that we used in the festival and put it to dry in the garden so it would manage to get dry before we left. After we were done with packing for the Interrail we had one hour before we had to leave my place in order to be able to catch the train to Amsterdam. My mom offered that we could have a meal with her before leaving and we accepted! We went to a café nearby so we would have time to eat and still be able to go home, and pack the last clothes that were drying in the wrack and put all the batteries of the gadgets we had used in the festival that we also were gonna take with us in the trip. We had one hour to eat, which sounded reasonable, but we found out that it definitely wasn’t time enough for a three dish meal. We found out the hard way (sounds so dramatic heh). When we were done with the main dish we had to run home and pack the last stuff while they were preparing the dessert.
The picture shows how the packing of the last stuff looked like. All clothes and chargers for different devices just hanging.

In the end we did get to the train and managed to start our Interrail.


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