Train Problems


A couple of weeks before the beginning of our Interrail, when reserving the trip to Amsterdam, we could choose between having a normal chair in the train or to pay a little extra to get a bed in the train. As we knew we were gonna be exhausted from the festival we chose to get the bed.

When we got into the train the reality was another! The whole wagon 203 that we were supposed to sleep in was shut down somehow. It had no electricity and without electricity it had no ventilation either, which meant we weren’t allowed to be in the wagon.
The sleeping cabins of the train were fully booked and the shut down of the wagon meant that there were more than 40 people without a place to stay. The next two hours went with us moving around from one non-sleeping cabin to another as we were kicked from each place because people had made reservations.

Gladly, at midnight, the responsible for seating people finally found a sleeping cabin for us somewhere and we got to rest.


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