At 10 am we woke up in the train that just had arrived in Amsterdam, where we had no place to stay. First we stood on the line for international departures to already make a reservation for our next destination, Paris. The seats for Interrail and Eurrail tickets to Paris were all taken so our itinerary included riding six trains and a duration of 8 hours; almost three times more than the direct train.After getting our itinerary to Paris we put our backpacks in a locker so we could walk around in Amsterdam and find a place to stay at. Apparently Sensation White was gonna happen that night so hostels and hotels were all fully booked and more expensive than usually. After walking around for an hour we found a hostel for a reasonable price in the center of the city, only a few minutes walk from the train station.During the first day we did the canal boat ride that took us through the main points of Amsterdam and gave us some good general knowledge about the city. After the tour we walked around the main square in Amsterdam, the Dam square, and went home to take a nap. The nap became a little more than that and we passed out for three hours. Natalie woke up a little sick with a little of fever. After drinking several bottles of water and some pills everything was good. We were just dehydrated from the festival still.

We went to the bar to grab some food and watch the remaining soccer game of The Netherlands against Costa Rica! We were crossing our fingers that The Netherlands would win because that would mean good vibes and a good party afterwards. And they did!

Natalie and I were still party-tired from the festival so it was a pretty chilled night for us. We had a third beer in a bar close to the red light district and after we walked around to see the women in duty.

The next day we went to the Anne Frank museum, visited the touristic “I Amsterdam” sign and met up with a friend, Fokko, who I met for three years ago in another Interrail.

We were sitting down and chilling in a tunnel with some booze where we were seeking shelter from the rain. There were some street musicians playing on the other side of the tunnel, and as they started playing “Somewhere over the rainbow” with their violin and saxophone we started playing and singing the same song on the ukulele. At a point we notice a man coming closer and we expect him to tell us to stop playing and singing but because we are bothering the street musicians and they were there first, but what actually happens is that he tells us how our singing and the musicians’ playing got together in a beautiful sound all together. He convinced us to go to the other side of the tunnel and play together with some street musicians. A few minutes later these musicians asked us politely to let them do their thing without us, heheh. Thereafter we went to a bar where you have your own draft and you pay per liter.


After that it was late and as we had to wake up the next day at 6 to pack and leave to Paris, so that was it for the day.



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