From Amsterdam to Paris


We set on six alarms so we were sure to wake up at 6. When I woke up and looked at the clock it was 8 already!! We looked at our itinerary and if we could manage to pack, get ready and be at the train station within 20 minutes we would manage to catch the latest possible train in our itinerary!

Twenty minutes later we were actually sitting in the train and everything was good. We’ve never run so long with so big and heavy backpacks on!

We had got very little sleep this night. All that stood between us and Paris was 6 trains and an 8 hour trip. Due to train delays these 8 hours became 12 hours. Not good! In the end of the day we finally arrived in Paris, where we easily found our AirBNB apartment not too long from the center and were finally able to sleep and relax for good 12 hours.


One thought on “From Amsterdam to Paris

  1. Looks like you’re having a fabulous trip minus the lost luggage and rain in Amsterdam (no shock there)!! Enjoyed your posts– keep the pix coming! I’m reliving my younger energetic years through you!! 🙂 Have fun & safe travels!!

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