We wake up following the Nr. 1 rule. “1” for 1 pm; no matter what time we have woken up in this vacation we have pretty much always first been ready to leave at 1 pm!

First stop was the Gare de Lyon train station where we wanted to reserve seats for our next destination: Barcelona. We couldn’t take a night train as we wished so we book a 6 hour long direct day train to Barcelona. That meant that we would arrive in Barcelona a day earlier and would need to find another place to stay, as the hotel we had booked was for the 11th and 12th and not the 10th. We also looked into the train possibilities from Barcelona to Monaco, as our route was, but we found out that there was no night train to Monaco and we could not have the hours in Monaco that we wished. Instead we made a change to the plans! Instead of taking the train from Barcelona to Monaco and further to  Rome by train we decided to take a night ferry from Barcelona to the Sardegna island.

Second stop was the Champs-Elysees where we had a good brunch on the strip. As soon as we sat down it started pouring down to an extent where our feet would get wet if we did not lift them. Natalie: “There is a rivers flowing under my footies”. We continued to the Arch of Triumph in the end of the strip where we went on the top of the arch to take pictures and make a panorama video with the GoPro (stay tuned for a time-lapse video of that)

It’s crazy how people manage not to crash driving around the roundabout around the arch. With twelve streets heading towards this roundabout with no lanes sometimes there are three lines of cars each wanting to go in its direction and therefore all standing still.

After the Champs-Elysses we walked to a local wine shop in the way to the Eiffel tower where we bought some wine for later. We continued towards the tower where we stopped by a Ferris wheel where we had an ice cream and a nutella-banana crape. We continued to the tower where we had our bottle of wine with wonderful view in the background whereafter we finally went up to the  tower using our Paris ponchos.

We read in a website that at 10pm the Eiffel tower lights up for 10 minutes and does that every hour till 1am so we had to do something for the next couple of hours. We decided to go to a Asian food restaurant and to watch the Brazil-Germany football match. When the game was half way and Brazil was losing 5-0 there was no reason to see the game anymore so we went to the tower and saw it sparkle! It was already pretty late so it was time to go home and have some more sleep!

On our second day in Paris… Natalie: “Bebehhhs, we are on the beach, less typing more enjoying”… Basically, on the second day we went to the Notre-Dame church, put a love lock on the love bridge (Natalie: “So our love is forevers”), went to the Louvre museum where we saw the Monalisa painting and Egyptian pharaohs. In the end of the day we went to a really cozy and original fondue restaurant that had wine in baby bottles. We ended up the day buying beers abs enjoying them by the Sacre Caeur church on the top of the hill in the Montematre neighborhood.

End of day 2 in Paris.

Next day we woke up and took the train further to Barcelona. Finally a smooth train trip!


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