When we arrived to Barcelona we were very happy to finally see the sun! we arrived a day earlier than expected because of the lack of night trains to Barcelona, so we had a little problem to tackle. We had booked our hostel for the 11th and 12th, but we were there already by the 10th. We went to our hostel anyways and the hostel man gladly was able to move our two days of hostel to a day earlier.

Back in Denmark someone had told us about this wonderful tapas restaurant on the top of a hill so for our first dinner we had tapas in mind. After wandering for a while we bumped into a tapas restaurant that apparently had won the TripAdvisor prize for the best restaurant of Barcelona in 2013. That ended up being one of the best meals on our trip!

After eating we bought a bottle of Tequila, salt, and lime, and went back to the hostel to start taking shots and experience the night life of Barcelona! Pro tip: don’t wear swim shorts when clubbing in Barcelona! They won’t let you in!

For the first half of the next day we were on the beach that was located only half a minute walk from our hostel. We chilled with some ukulele playing and Mojitos. After three hours on the beach we couldn’t stand to listen to the words “Mojito” and “Sangria” anymore so we decided to go sightseeing.

Our first stop was the Guell Park, which is a park designed by Gaudi back in the days! After drinking a couple of beers at the park and seeing the house designed by Gaudi we bought some more beer and started heading to a castle on the top of the hill that would give us a great view over the sea and the city. In the way there was a symphony going on in a park, but the guard didn’t let us in as it was about to end. So we decided to break in with some other people. We managed to listen to two minutes of it as it was about to end. Ok ok ok, Guard 1 – us 0.

After walking up of some empty sketchy roads we finally reached to the area where the castle was in. As we had already walked a lot and the view from where we were was great we decided to stop there. After the view we went home to get some quality sleep!

The next day we went to the La Sagrada Famiglia church, which is one of Barcelona’s hottest touristic spots, and that has been under construction for about 150 years. It is a very very different church compared to any other church in the world as it is influenced by Gaudi’s art style. This church was either started or finished by Gaudi, but still he gets the credit for it ๐Ÿ˜€ Not bad! Under the church we visitted the chappel where Gaudi lies.

After the church we went back to the hostel, grabbed all our stuff, bought some wast wok to walk and hurried to ferry station, where our ferry to Porto Torres, Sardegna, Italy was supposed to leave two hours later.



One thought on “Barcelona

  1. Nina Blem Bidstrup

    I’ m happy to see pictures of sightseeing. From your text it seems like everything is about drinking ๐Ÿ™‚ We are having the most amazing summer in DK ๐Ÿ™‚

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