Alghero, Italy


After a 35 minute bus ride, we made it to the city of Alghero. We hopped off the bus with our Danish friends, said our goodbyes and continued our search for a place to stay. Literally after a right  turn into part of the neighborhood we were dropped off at, there was a nice little Hotel right in front of us! We stop in to find out if there were any rooms left and what the prices were. To our nice suprise the owner of the Hotel, a nice little italian man that was very hospitable, had one room left and because it was the last room, gave us a deal we couldn’t refuse. Not only was it 2 minutes from the beach front but also had fresh breakfast included in the mornings, with fresh made croissants and cappuccinos!

After a nice little chat with the owner and getting settled in our room, we were exhausted and hungry! Ready to eat our first legit  italian meal of our trip. That could only mean PASTA, PIZZA, and WINE, ohhh myyy!!!! Can’t of course forget that the final of the world cup was going on on that day as well. Only a quarter of a mile from our hotel we found a restaurant that was the definition of italian cuisine, had a nice little outside patio, and they had a flat screen set up out there with the world cup playing! Perfect ending to our day!

Next day we woke up ready to explore this Italian Island we were so lucky to include in our trip. First plan of the day was to find a boat tour we could go on to get the full experience of the island and its surroundings. Unfortunately, after countless phone calls and everyone having a hard time understanding each other, all the tours that day were booked. So we came up with a plan B and that was to find scooters to rent. We found a place a couple miles away from our hotel that had all kinds of rentals, so we got ready and headed that way! After a 20 minute walk we arrived at the rental place, only to find out that there were no more scooters to rent. Next best thing, bikes! Second best way to ride around on the island. We filled out some short paperwork and went on our way. Bike riding all along the beach line, just taking in the simple island life of the locals and the beautiful senary that we got to lay our eyes on. On our journey with our bikes we happened to run in to a company that did boat tours and had spots available the next day! So our plans of exploring the island on water were back on! Wuuhuu!!! Continuing our travel on bikes, we found the towns popular shopping area that was on the hill top over looking the sea, where we got homemade gelato, pasta and wine. A little further we biked to the very top where we got to over look the gorgeous views of the whole town.  Exploring everything we wanted to see, we decided to turn in our bikes a little bit early and just layout on the sandy white beach that was in front of our hotel. A nice relaxing way to end the rest of the day light we had left. As the sun was slowly disappearing we went home, showered, and went out to have another delish italian dinner. Meeting everything we expected in a meal, decided to try to walk off some of our fullness and stumbled upon the local amusement park were we just walked through because the thought of getting on a ride after eating as much as we did was making us both sick to our stomachs. Passing up that idea we found a long dock to sit on instead and took some amazing pictures of all the sail boats docked for the night. Slowly the sleepiness kick in and it was time to call it a day.

Day three of our stay was our all day boat tour of the island and its surroundings. Started at 9am and ended 6pm. This trip included sightseeing to different destinations around the island and historical landmarks, seeing amazing formations in the cliffs, stopping at different swimming spots, snorkeling, and even fed us a meal that had an appetizer, wine, pasta, and fresh cooked mussels. Soon the all day fun in the sun came to an end, we had an amazing experience and met some awesome people but was time to head back to land. From there we of course had to stop for some gelato and then head back to our hotel to figure out how we were going to leave the island the next day. Another 12 hour boat ride did not sound appealing at all, so we looked into flights. We perfectly found flights for the next day that would take us strait to our next destination (Rome, Italy) in a short two hours anddddd costed a few dollars more then taking the ferry (win, win situation!). Before you knew it, it was the next day…We were packing up, headed out for a local street market going on that day and then heading to the airport! Off to Rome!!!!


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