Rome, Italy


Hop, skip and a jump later we land in Rome, taking a train from the airport to the main train station in the center of Rome. Expectedly we didn’t have a place to stay here either, but of course our luck didn’t fail us. The minute we were exiting the station there was a man (I know, this is going to sound really sketchy!) who asked us if we needed a place to stay, and of course we did! So we took the risk and followed this man to a hostel only a few mins away from the station. Awesomely enough we ended up getting a room with our own private bathroom and a king size bed all to ourselves at a reasonable price.

All settled in, our tummies were ready to eat some more delicious italian food. So we set out to try trip advisor’s top rated pizza place in Rome. After a long and starving walk, we arrive at the restaurant only to find out that they are closed =/ With that said we were desperate to eat anywhere, walked a few streets and found a cozy little place that had tables to eat at right along the street. We were seated and ready to order as fast as you can say “Ciao!” What seemed to be a normal dinner turned out to be chaotic…Our waiter (Not really sure if he really worked there or were just friends with the owner) could barely understand what we wanted to order, so took it upon himself to guess. Part of our order turned out right and the other not so much. All was good and we just ate what he gave us. After our meal he came to us with dessert, we thought “Awesome! desert included” So as anyone would have done, ate every since bite! Following that we continued to wait another 10 minutes and decided to ask for the check. Then man then takes out a piece of paper and just writes 60 euros on it….Our meal cost less then half of that! He was trying to pull a fast one to see if we noticed or would just pay it. Us having been in Europe for awhile knew what to expect when it comes to what our meals have been costing, and have never ever been that high! We immediately respond with a laugh and say “No, no this isn’t right.” The man laughs and puts 50 euros…Again wayyyy more then what we should pay. Needless to say this bargaining for our meal continue for the next 20 minutes till we got as close to what we should have paid, gave him the money and got the heck outta there!!! A nice peaceful dinner got turned into the most stressful dinner we have ever had, to say the least. On that note we were ready for a drink! Bought a bottle of wine at a local liquor store and sat at one of the popular chilling spots of the locals, soaking up the beautiful streets of Rome. Then headed home for a good nights rest, for the busy day ahead of us!

Next day we finally got to do the full tourist experience by going to the amazing Vatican first, definitely was jaw dropping how big it was and then the Colosseum, which was unreal! After a long day of walking and sight seeing, We decided to stray away from the touristy places and came upon a restaurant that had over 200 different types of spaghettis. This was a great little find, the spaghetti was to die for! Go us! For not falling into another tourist meal deal! (which is horrible food and not authentic to say the least) Our last plan of the day was to see this unique laser show, that reenacted how some of the old ruins used to look. This wasn’t till 11pm at night and had some time to kill so we got a bottle of wine and went back to the Colosseum that was light up by lights. We sat and embraced history while relaxing till it was time for the show. Finished the bottle of wine in perfect timing to head to the last event of the day. Ending late and after a long day we had one thing on our mind and that was bed time!

Last day in Rome consisted of packing, eating another tasty meal, and hopping on the last train of our trip to the city built on water…Venice, Italy.


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