Venice, Italy


The last destination of our trip and a 4 hour train ride later…we arrive! We had already booked a place to stay but were having a hard time contacting the person who we were suppose to meet in order to get the keys. After 30 minutes of trying to check emails with limited internet connection and texts we had received earlier, we decided to take a boat over to the area of Venice we were suppose to meet. Finally getting a little bit of service we were able to get the last email he had sent saying he was having one of his friends come over to meet us because he was unable by the time we got there. After a sent text to the friend with a description of what we look like and a 15 minute wait, she was able to find us. From there we followed her through the small streets of Venice to the place we would be staying for the next 3 days. Arriving to a every old and heavy door, we walk up two flights of stairs and open up a door to the foyer of the apartment. The apartment is the coolest place we have seen with marble and tile every where and french doors opening up to our huge room that we get all to ourselves! I think the kitchen was our favorite part of the whole place. It had windows along all the walls of the kitchen that you could look out of directly to the views of canals where the gondola boats would go by. We were in true form of how the italians lived in Venice and it was awesome!

After getting our stuff unpacked and ourselves ready, we were ready to see what the city built on water had to offer! We walked around for hours looking at all the unique shops that surrounded us, stopped to get our pizza and pasta fix and then tried to find the night life since it was the weekend. We found a big court yard full of little bars and places to eat, so we had a drink and enjoyed the atmosphere. One thing we really wanted to do was have a night of dancing, we were told about one dance club and were determined to find it. A few random streets later, we ran into some guys that were from Austin, TX surprisingly! and knew where this place we were searching for was. We followed them a  couple streets away and we had found our destination, unfortunately the only club in Venice happen to be rented out for the night, so there went that idea! We decided to call it a night and head back to our place.

The next morning we were ready to explore some more. Cooked breakfast in our badass kitchen and got ready. Two things we knew we absolutely needed to do while we were here were go experience pedicure fish and take a gondola ride. We walked through all the shopping areas, stopped and tried little treats here and there. Then found the spot where they had the pedicure fish. (If no one knows what those are, they are these tiny little fish that eat off all the dead skin from your feet!) Weird but totally worth the fear of what it would feel like. Surprisingly enough didn’t hurt at all! What a relief it was to finally put your feet in water that was swimming with these tiny little fish. After our nice little feet treatment we continued on to find a great deal on a gondola ride with another couple. We had a 45 minute boat ride through the tiny water canals and got to hear about some of the history of the buildings that surrounded us. We had also found out that we were in Venice for one of their biggest holidays of the year, where they have an hour long fireworks show. What a perfect way to end our last night! Hungry and tired we decided to take advantage of the markets and our kitchen by buying things to make our own italian dinner at home and relax till the fireworks were going to start. Finally it was time to go and embrace the festivities that we were so lucky to be apart of. The fireworks were amazing and there were thousands of people all watching together. So happy we got to be there for that! After the show it was late and we were exhausted, that only meant it was time to call it a day.

Last day of our trip was just like any other day go, go, go! Packed, caught a boat ride to the airport, and took our flight back to Copenhagen where I would be leaving back to the US the next morning. Lets just say, that was a hard thing to except!


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