From Spain to Italy


Upon arrival to our ferry that was taking us across to the Island of Sardinia, Italy. We were informed that the boat had a two hour delay and that we wouldn’t be boarding till later. So our two hour wait for the ferry turned into a four hour wait. Luckily we had much to do while waiting like find out where in the heck we are going to stay on this Island!

Four hours passed quickly and in no time we were boarding our ferry to continue our trip to our spontaneous stop to this Island. We were able to find a couple of potential places to stay and were hoping by the time we got to the Island we would have a response from one of the places we had messaged while waiting.

We board the boat and settled in the place we would sleep for the night. ( Which by the way was in the common area of a room with about 50 seats in rows kind of like an airplane, with about 25 other strangers -_- ). Luckily this whole trip we have been lugging around sleeping bags in our backpacks and finally got to put them to good use! Wish we took a picture of how cozy we were able to make our sleeping arrangements.

About 12 hours later of sleep we come to find out that our 12 hour trip was actually going to turn into 19 hours total. So it was nice that we slept most of the time, as well as having lots of things to keep us busy like a pool on board that we laid out by for a little bit and trying to get internet to find out if anyone responded about us needing a place to stay in Sardinia.

Finally arrived around 5pm the next day…

With no response about a place to stay, and very easily convinced by a group of danish guys (conveniently) that just got off the ferry as well…told us they were going to a place called Alghero. We decide it sounded pretty awesome and to go there too! Next step was to figure out how to get there! After multiple conversations with the guys and Italian men that even started arguing with one another on how to help us…haha! We were told about a bus that would take us strait to Alghero and as easy as that sounds, that is exactly what we did!


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